This Help & Advice section is intended in good faith, and isn't an exhaustive list of possible concerns you should have.

- There are many, many "photographers" advertising their services online. The majority or these ads are placed by "blokes with cameras" all set to automatic who just want to point their cameras at a pretty woman and maybe push you to do more than what you want. A camera is a very important part of a Phtographer's equipment, but along with lenses and lighting equipment, it's the Photographer's skills, techniques, creativity and experience working with people that will make your photographs the quality images that what you want and need!

- Never be pressurised into doing something you don't want. On a Photoshoot with me, YOU are the boss. I work with you, help you, advise you, suggest things and pose you, but at any time if you're not comfortable, you say so and we stop.

- Beware "Free Photoshoots." All businesses have to make money. Any company that offers you a "Free" photoshoot will need to make its money another way. This is normally done by charging you extremely high charges for you to take away the photographs that you like (once they are shown to you), either as prints, or electronically. My prices are clear, you get to keep all the supplied images, for your own use, and are free to have prints made wherever you choose. There are no "sales" gimmicks or hidden charges (even VAT is included!). I'm a Photographer, not a salesman.

- The Modelling / Glamour Industry is very competitive, but you must be 100% comfortable with what you are doing. No reputable organisation will ever pressurise you to do something you're not happy with.

- If you're trying to sign up with a Model Agency, do not pay them a fee. Any reputable Model Agency makes their money by charging their Clients, and not from charging their Models.

- Many "Agencies" will insist you use their Photographer. In many cases this is not a problem, but make sure that it's not just a way of effectively charging you a "fee" to be on their books.